Jorge Urías Peña Escajeda

Jorge Urías Peña Escajeda

Jorge Urías Peña Escajeda did his Master's degree in Project Management and Data Science (MPDM). He’s from Mexico.

Why did you decide to study MPMD at HTW Berlin?

I was looking for a degree programme that was conducted entirely in English. The contents of the MPMD programme fitted with what I was looking for — Big data and data security as well as business law and intercultural communication. The seminars are very practice oriented. Degree programmes at other universities seemed to be very theory-oriented or not interdisciplinary enough in comparison. They either focused on pure data science or project management. That's why I chose HTW Berlin.

What’s special about this study programme?

The idea of combining technical and administrative aspects in my studies really caught my attention. That's exactly what industry needs. We were not only taught by professors but also by lecturers who are directly from the business world. This allowed us to discuss things with people who work on these kinds of issues in a very practical way.

What job do you do now?

I’m currently working as a software engineer at an e-commerce agency. The IT basics I learned during my studies — e .g. database management and programming — are very useful for software development. Hopefully I will also be able to use my newly acquired management skills in a managerial position in the near future.

What do you miss about your time at HTW Berlin?

Studying is a very special experience. It was as if I was taking a break from my life and hitting the reset button: moving to Germany, living in a student residence, paying far less tax. I was very lucky that the degree programme administrators helped me to take care of all the paperwork in Germany. Now that I'm making money, I have to be an adult again.

Who would you like to have a cup of coffee with?

Top of the list would be my parents. I haven't seen them in two and a half years. Every time I decide to visit them, something always seems to get in the way — writing my thesis, looking for a job or a new apartment. I am in contact with them, but nothing compares to a hug and seeing them in person. I want to thank them for everything they’ve done for me. Hopefully I'll manage to see them early next year.

Jorge Urías Peña Escajeda
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27 September 2019