Language is the key to the world

A Student at foreign languages training

Although phrases and words like “all you can eat”, “dolce vita”, “laptop” and “portemonnaie” have become an integral part of everyday German, such anglicisms and words borrowed from other languages do not mean we can speak these languages fluently. To make it easier to enter the globalised workplace not only professionally but also linguistically, every Bachelor’s degree programme at HTW Berlin includes solid training in a foreign language.

Mandatory foreign language

At some universities foreign languages are optional, but at HTW Berlin they are a mandatory area of study in all of our Bachelor’s degree programmes. Eight weekly study hours must be successfully completed in foreign languages. HTW Berlin has its own Foreign Languages Centre where eight languages are taught. Specialist foreign language modules are offered in English, French, Spanish, Russian and German for students with a prior knowledge of the language. Beginner’s courses are offered in Italian, Japanese and Swedish. Unlike schools or adult education courses, the foreign language programmes at HTW Berlin are of a high academic level and specifically prepare students for professional life by simulating presentations and meetings. The quality of the foreign language training is checked on a regular basis with the UNIcert certification system. HTW Berlin is one of only two universities in Berlin that offers UNIcert-accredited foreign language training.

New: psychological support with learning

Starting this winter semester, students with learning anxieties or difficulties in a foreign language can receive psychological support with learning from the Foreign Languages Centre. Details will be provided at the beginning of the semester in lectures and on notice boards.


The Foreign Languages Centre at HTW Berlin offers 230 language courses per semester which are attended by approximately 5,000 students. A total of eight languages are available: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Swedish and German as a foreign language. The most popular language by far is English.