7 special locations at HTW Berlin

Beachvolleyball on Treskowallee campus

Seven wonders of the world, lucky number seven, seven dwarfs – the number seven is always associated with something special. For Checklist Day we’ve drawn up a list of seven special locations at HTW Berlin that every student, lecturer and member of staff should visit at least once:

1 - Journey through time at the computer museum

Discover how technology developed from the pocket calculator to the laptop in just a few decades. At the Computer Museum of HTW Berlin you can try out old gems like the C64 or the KC 85, a small computer from the GDR.

2 - Wiggle your toes in the sand at the Strandbar

Sit in a beach chair and gaze out over the Spree River. How many students get to do this every day at their university campus? Whether you drop by for a coffee between lectures or meet up with friends after a seminar, the Strandbar behind the canteen on the Wilhelminenhof campus is a fantastic place to relax.

3 - Get your hands dirty with some urban gardening

Things are really blossoming and bearing fruit on the Wilhelminenhof campus! Admittedly by the end of October most of the grow beds have already been harvested and must now wait until next summer to blossom again. Nevertheless, the raised beds which are lovingly maintained by the Urban Gardener  team are a real eye-catcher in the area of land next to building H.

4 - Sip coffee at Café Kopfbau

The perfect home for student life at HTW Berlin can be found on the first floor of building B on the Wilhelminenhof campus. Café Kopfbau is the ideal place to relax between lectures or afterwards with a coffee or other refreshments. Its counterpart on the Treskowallee campus is the „treslounge“ café on the ground floor of building A.

5 - Take the paternoster elevator just like a hundred years ago

If you have a lecture in the Peter Behrens Building, you can marvel at something that has become a rare sight – a paternoster lift. Some students are a bit shocked the first time they use this open-compartment lift. A ride in this traditional elevator can also be part of a visit to the Turm Café, which offers an amazing view out over Schöneweide and the Spree.

6 - Get the ground shaking at the beach volleyball field

Summer will soon be back again and that’s when outdoor sports and games are the most fun. Try out beach volleyball or ultimate frisbee – both can be played at the beach courts behind building F on the Treskowallee campus. The courts can be reserved via the Central Unit Sports.

7 - Take an audio tour of the Wilhelminenhof campus

From AEG and KWO to today’s HTW – the Wilhelminenhof campus has a long history. If you’re interested in discovering what the buildings were once used for and what work has been done to turn them into a university campus, you can download the MP3 files for a one-hour audio tour from the HTW Berlin website. Alternatively, audio guides can be borrowed from the porter in building B.